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Some of the Companies Hiring Teleworkers*

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Here’s What You’ll Learn During the Online Class…

What are the average hourly wages for each profession?


Which of the Modern Professions (that anyone can do) are most in demand?

What telework platforms have the best opportunities and how to take advantage today

Michael Williams

Mike founded VirtualiaNet to help others enjoy the benefits of freelancing, remote working and the new Modern Professions. Mike is from Wisconsin, loves traveling and tries to take a 1-month vacation every summer.

Co-Founder of VirtualiaNet

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Maria Fernanda Sanabria

“Something inside me told me that one day I'd be doing this. I'd been thinking for a long time about what I could create. I wanted something different, not just more of the same. Suddenly the idea struck me and I put together my own website one night, and that’s how I started.”

Myriam Gonzalez

“There came a time when I was working too much and I said: it’s time to work for myself without so much stress. That’s when I found VirtualiaNet. I took the entire course along with my daughter. I tried to experiment with all the professions. The first job she applied to, she got... and they kept hiring her. Later, I got hired to write travel articles. It's changed my life.”

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